SPS Inc. offers a variety of comprehensive on-site services including:

Comprehensive Site Examination & Inspection Reports

  • Recommendations and Cost Estimates for Repair / Reinforcement Solutions
  • Complete visual and physical inspection services.
  • Documentation of existing "as-built" conditions and assessment of actual loading conditions.
  • Preparation of inspection reports, photographic documentation, and engineering calculations to verify capacities of structural members.
  • Design / Build Construction proposal with fixed-price estimates for recommended repairs and reinforcements.

24-hour Emergency Shoring of Roof and Floor Structures

  • SPS has a complete inventory of shoring materials and equipment available, in order to provide temporary emergency shoring to prevent roof collapse or increased damage of a failed member.

Design / Build Construction

  • Structural engineering consultation with project engineers and architects.
  • Design recommendations for repair and reinforcement consistent with professional engineering practices, design factors, and code requirement.

Structural Repair

  • Furnish engineering plans and calculations, building permits, all labor, material and equipment to implement the recommended structural repairs and reinforcements to the following types of structural elements;
    • Wood roof trusses,
    • Bowstring, Howe, Pratt.
    • Glued-laminated beams
    • Wide flange steel beams, Tapered steel beams
    • Roof rafters, purlins, sub-purlins and floor joists
    • Repair of broken, decayed, and or fire damaged beams

Seismic Retrofit Specialist

  • SPS provides complete Design/ Build construction services for the upgrading of industrial and commercial buildings, in order to comply with the Division 91 and Division 95 Seismic Retrofit Ordinances for both the City and County of Los Angeles regulations.


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